3G Capital Advisors, LLC advises organizations on new investment products and strategies, creating custom programs that help companies address the complexities of today’s market challenges. We provide the expertise, relationships and tools required to implement successful investment products and strategies.

Strategic Advisory Services

As independent advisors, we serve to identify new opportunities, helping boards and executive management teams analyze, evaluate and act with strategic resolve. Core services include strategic planning, capital advisory and merger and acquisition consulting.

Product Development

Working with institutional fund managers and financial institutions, we create new real estate related investment products that allow our partners to differentiate themselves from their peers. By providing unique investment opportunities, our clients will continue to grow assets under management despite the stagnation in retail fundraising efforts and the redundancy of fund types across investment managers.

Real Estate Advisory Services

We serve real estate investors by identifying new investment and development strategies, providing our clients the opportunity to achieve their desired returns through market and product cycles. With a specific emphasis on data driven analysis, we help our clients with property identification, investment evaluation, debt and equity sourcing; driving acquisition, development and redevelopment opportunities across the United States.